GAIA Financial Accountability

GAIA grants are intended to provide support for education and values-based interventions related to reproductive health, while also fostering women’s birth choice autonomy. The hope is that funded projects may be a small part in worldwide efforts toward more moderate growth of planetary human population.

In 2022 the GAIA Grants Program expanded to 32 grants per year – 16 for projects in the Global South and 16 for Global North. There is a new IRS-approved non-profit GAIA Foundation that works collaboratively and supplements the funding available through our GAIA Initiative education charity in order to meet the $300,000 annual budget allocation.

For the most recent 2021 fiscal year, the total corporate expenditures were $226,156 of which 98.5% was expended for the approved grant awards. Typically incurred administrative expenses – staffing, leadership, committee service, office rent, etc. – are donated free-of-charge.


To learn more about the GAIA grants organization, the organizations receiving grant awards, and the purposes of their funded projects – we invite you to review this website information:

Organization History: insights and developments.

Recent Funded Projects: a listing of grantees, summary descriptions of their projects, to which of these primary purpose categories they were assigned:

  1. International Public Policy;
  2. Reproductive Health/Family Planning (RH/FP) Education;
  3. Teen Media RH/FP Education;
  4. Women’s RH/FP Education;
  5. Cultural Challenge/ Women’s Birth Choice Autonomy;
  6. RH/FP Medical Education.

Our Team Members: the people who direct and administer the GAIA Grants Program.