Our GAIA Team

The GAIA Initiative is one small part of the worldwide effort to bring human population into better balance with our planet’s capacity to support humans and all the other diverse forms of life.

Our Team: Corporate Leadership, Volunteers and Staffing: 

The corporate organization is led by a talented group of mostly retired professionals with deep commitment to the importance of public policy and concern for the impact of human population on global warming/climate change.

Dan Carrigan, President, with members of the Board, sets policy guidelines for the Grants Review process. Mr Carrigan enjoyed a fifty-year career of leadership in public policy in varied areas: family planning, health care allocation, parents and children family transitions, and end-of-life stage planning.

Zee Berl, Director of Operations, coordinates the administrative activities and the review of grant applications. Ms Berl’s career in conservation was focused on water quality in rivers and streams in the United States; she has served in leadership positions on corporate boards in education and rivers conservation.

We are appreciative of the valuable support and advice received from our volunteer academic policy advisors. Rosemarie Tong is Director Emerita of the Ethics Center at University of North Carolina Charlotte and serves as Chair of the Grants Review Committee. Our paid staff consists of project-based college students and contract administrative assistants.


To learn more about the GAIA grants organization, the organizations receiving grant awards, and the purposes of their funded projects – we invite you to review this website information:

Organization History: insights and developments.

Recent Funded Projects: a listing of grantees, summary descriptions of their projects, to which of these primary purpose categories they were assigned:

  1. International Public Policy;
  2. Reproductive Health/Family Planning (RH/FP) Education;
  3. Teen Media RH/FP Education;
  4. Women’s RH/FP Education;
  5. Cultural Challenge/ Women’s Birth Choice Autonomy;
  6. RH/FP Medical Education.

Financial Accountability: FY 2021 corporate funds distribution.