Getting Started: Applying for an Idea-Grant

Does your organization have an interest in Population Issues?

Does your organization need to fund a worthwhile Project-Idea?

If your answer to these two questions is “yes” – then we invite you to complete the appropriate Expression-of-Interest form (Global South EOI or Global North EOI) to be considered for one of our Idea-Grants.

The Goal of Idea-Grants is to discover and support credible projects to help address the global population crisis.

If your organization has an interest in the challenge of moderating the growth of human population that poses a threat to our global environment – then consider what creative project you might propose and develop to qualify for one of our Idea-Grants.

Idea-Grants are intended to encourage organizations to become actively engaged in answering this question: Are there projects at a modest scale that could contribute to reducing the population crisis that is driving global warming .. climate change?

To get started, you complete the one-page on-line Expression-of-Interest form (either Global South EOI or Global North EOI). Just download the form in either Docx format or PDF format, complete the form in your choice of word processing program, and submit your completed EOI as an attachment in your email.

However, before you begin completing your Expression-of-Interest, we encourage organizations:

  • to thoroughly review our Grant Life Cycle webpage in order to understand the TWO-STEPS in our grant application;
  • to understand that most funded projects will involve some aspect of education, public policy, media, or family planning services that could help move forward the global effort to reduce population imbalance;
  • to check our Grant Priorities – Fall 2022 webpage – which links to our regional priority topics: for Global South Projects and Global North Projects.
  • to begin the application process, the first step is to complete either the Global South EOI or the Global North EOI.

STEP ONE: completing the appropriate Expression-of-Interest (EOI) form:

  • Review the sample EOI form shown below in order to understand what questions will need to be answered.
  • Read carefully Fall 2022 grant cycle priorities described in the Grant Priorities webpage and on the sample EOI forms shown below.
  • Decide whether your project idea applies to Global South or Global North and how it may meet the priorities described in the two separate EOI forms.
  • Once you decide the best fit with your proposed project – the appropriate EOI form can be downloaded in either Docx or PDF format (see bottom of this webpage).
  • Once you download the EOI to your computer, you can open and complete the document in your word processing program.
  • As you enter your text into the response-box, please note: (1) as more text is entered into the response-box – it will expand to receive your complete response – plus, if you would like to include an attachment, please note the specific question being answered by the attachment; (2) the margins on the bottom of the form may change and expand to 2 pages which is to be expected.
  • Once you have completed your responses to the questions – please ask others in your organization to review and edit and especially to suggest any improvements to improve the project description.
  • When you are satisfied with your completed Expression-of-Interest, then convert it to Docx or PDF format and attach it to an email to GAIA Initiative at:
combo EOI

The completion of your Expression-of-Interest form (EOI) is an important first step in our TWO-STEP grant application.

Once received our Grants-Review Committee will carefully consider your EOI entries in order to determine (1) whether your organization (by its background, experience) appears capable of performing the project; and (2) whether your brief project description is well-thought-out, clearly-presented, and has some prospect of impact.





Only those organizations’ EOI responses determined by the Grants-Review Committee to meet this first screening will be invited to proceed to the second step – finalizing their formal GAIA GRANT APPLICATION – which more thoroughly explores those factors required for a successful project able to be funded by a Foundation Grant.

STEP TWO:  describing the project’s three critical stages in the Application

  • Planning: the process-steps, the expected time in weeks or months, and the resources needed in order to be prepared to launch the project.
  • Implementation: applicants provide an implementation timetable; decide the dimensions to use to convey progress toward successful project implementation, and the resources needed.
  • Reporting: a standard set of quarterly reports is provided; grantees decide what dimensions they will use for quarterly project progress; an end-of-project assessment reflections on the success in meeting project goals, lessons learned, and whether a renewal grant will be requested.

GAIA Initiative awards grants each year to organizations with innovative approaches for education, public policy, media, and family planning services on population-related projects. Grant awards are from $5,000 to not greater than $10,000.

If you have questions about the Expression-of-Interest form – just note your issue on the contact form below which will then be forwarded to Zee Berl, Director of Operations at :

We will respond as soon as possible but certainly within 2 days.