Grant Life Cycle

If your organization has an interest in Population Issues and has a worthwhile Project-Idea, then you may qualify to receive an Idea-Grant from the GAIA Initiative.

There are four important items that describe the GAIA Grant Process:

  1. Life Cycle of a GAIA Grant
  2. Dates for Spring 2023 Grant
  3. Priorities for Project Grants
  4. Expression-of-Interest Form

1- Life Cycle of a Grant summarizes the steps … from application … project assessment … financial accounting … grant award … implementation … progress reporting … end-of-grant lessons-learned evaluation.

2 – Important Dates for Fall 2023 Grant Cycle sets forth the timetables and deadlines for the various components of the application process. We want grant applicants to understand – when you need to submit and when you can expect us to respond – as we move forward.

3- Priorities for Project Grants lists both the GENERAL TOPIC Priorities and the Geographic/Economic Development REGIONAL Priorities that the Project Review Committee will be considering in its decision about which projects to select among first-stage EOI applicants and later, to which organizations receive grant awards for their final-stage project proposals which include more detail about the goals and methods and assessment capabilities of the organization.

4- The Expression-of-Interest (EOI): The first-step is to complete a brief form with information items used by our Project Review Committee to make a preliminary assessment of your organization’s past experience and current capability to carry forward your proposed project – which at this early stage is briefly summarized. You can download the EOI form at Getting Started: Applying for a Grant. The actual EOI form you select will include either Global South priorities or Global North priorities.

The Grant Application: The second-step – for organizations whose EOI responses meet the Grants-Review Committee’s first screening – will be to finalize their formal Application form – which describes these critical stages for a project to receive a GAIA Grant:

  • Planning: the process-steps and the resources needed to launch the project.
  • Implementation: timetable, dimensions used to measures progress, budget resources needed.
  • Reporting: a standard set of quarterly reports, including an end-of-project assessment to reflect on the success in meeting project goals, lessons learned, and whether a renewal grant will be requested.

GAIA Foundation awards 32 grants each year to organizations with innovative approaches for education, public policy, media, and family planning services – with 16 grants each Spring and each Fall funding cycle. Grant awards are from $5,000 to not greater than $10,000.

If you have questions about the 2-step application process – just note your issue on the contact form below which will then be forwarded to Zee Berl, Director of Operations at :

We will respond as soon as possible but certainly within 2 days.

To learn more about the GAIA grants organization, the organizations receiving grant awards, and the purposes of their funded projects – we invite you to review this website information:

Organization History: insights and developments.

Recent Funded Projects: a listing of grantees, summary descriptions of their projects, to which of these primary purpose categories they were assigned:

  1. International Public Policy;
  2. Reproductive Health/Family Planning (RH/FP) Education;
  3. Teen Media RH/FP Education;
  4. Women’s RH/FP Education;
  5. Cultural Challenge/ Women’s Birth Choice Autonomy;
  6. RH/FP Medical Education.

Our Team Members: the people who direct and administer the GAIA Grants Program.

Financial Accountability: FY 2021 corporate funds distribution.


We welcome your questions, suggestions, critical observations … and your words of support for our initiative to begin the long road to bring human population into balance with our planet earth.