Grantee Organizations and Project Purposes

We hope that this display may provide encouragement and guidance for those who are questioning whether their innovative project-idea might be favorably considered.

The following chart displays the projects receiving GAIA grants for the last year – including: 1- the organization name, 2- a brief summary of each project’s purpose, and 3- the project’s nation of impact.

Organizations: While most were single grants awarded to separate organizations, there were some exceptions:

  • There were a few multiple grants awarded to a single organization where the project activity had especially impact potential for educating young adults – such as radio dramas for teens translated in local languages/dialects in different regions or nations.
  • There were some organizations with two grants in sub Saharan Africa that proposed innovative approaches to culturally sensitive GAIA priorities – for example, values-based intervention to assess and educate concerning female genital mutilation (FGM).
  • There were several grants for similar themes in different parts of a target nation -such as the various education and resources proposed for collegian adults contemplating child-free-for-life in Global North.

Primary Purposes: Each grant was assigned to one of six categories according to the primary purpose of the project. However, it should be noted that many projects involved multiple secondary purposes shown in these categories:

  1. International Public Policy in Population/Reproductive Health;
  2. Reproductive Health/Family Planning (RH/FP) Education;
  3. Teen Media RH/FP Education;
  4. Women’s RH/FP Education;
  5. Cultural Challenge/ Women’s Birth Choice Autonomy;
  6. RH/FP Medical Education.


To learn more about the GAIA grants organization, the organizations receiving grant awards, and the purposes of their funded projects – we invite you to review this website information:

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Our Team Members: the people who direct and administer the GAIA Grants Program.

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A note to introduce our sister company: GAIA Earth-Balance Private Foundation. Our non-profit GAIA Foundation announces its Winter 2023 Grant Cycle to support projects exploring public policy issues in the United States related to the future economic challenges of population stabilization. . see GAIA Foundation website